‘Artificial Intelligence will outgrow human intelligence’

For some, the rise of Artificial Intelligence is a horrifying thought, others simply can’t wait for the moment: the day that computers and artificial intelligence outgrows the human brain. It’s no longer ‘if’, but ‘when’ that moment arrives.

Hype Cycle

Gartner predicted in its Hype Cycle that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a promising future, starting this year. In the opening keynote at the first day of the Mobile World Congress, speakers from Telefonica and Softbank followed the prediction.

Especially Telefonica is working on impressive self-thinking technology that gives its customers everything they need, want and ask, fully automated and driven by cognitive intelligence. “The platform Aura is amazingly smart, it does not sleep en always offers a perfect customised experience”, Mr. José María Álvarez-Pallete from Telefonica states.

‘No easy task’

Mr. José María Álvarez-Pallete predicts that virtually every company worldwide will shift its customer service to cognitive intelligence platforms. “Also Telefonica evolves into a platform company. That is no easy task, but eventually is necessary for every business.“

Speaker and CEO of Softbank Masayoshi Son goes even further. Computers and Artificial Intelligence will exceed the human brain by the year 2030, he says. His company has put a staggering fund of more than 100 billion dollars to invest in artificial intelligence. He claims the fund has more money to invest than all worldwide venture capital companies with a total of 65 billion dollars.

Learn about AI

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