CM’s text messaging and voice services enable Xelion communication

The software company Xelion has developed high-quality software to allow enterprises to communicate in a cleverer and more efficient manner, through all devices. Xelion uses CM’s Sip Trunking and text messaging technology to enable telephone calls and text messages within the Xelion application.

In 2005, Xelion started to develop a VoIP enterprise telephone switchboard to make communication within companies more efficient. Xelion’s mission is to let enterprises communicate in a cleverer and more efficient manner: Organised Communication. After the telephony application was well received, Xelion added text messages, chat, video calls, diary and email. In this way, Xelion offers a complete communication solution from a single system.


From ISDN to VoIP

“Just like VoIP back then, we believe that the apps are the future”

In 2005, a VoIP system was pioneering. This meant that not everyone was prepared to stop using ISDN and start calling through the Internet. Now VoIP is no longer unknown, another option is simply no longer available. From the start, Xelion was supplied with a PC app, and later with an app for smartphones. “Just like VoIP back then, we believe that the apps are the future”, says Xelion Director Micha Cohen. And this even though most customers still buy desk telephones. Because we supply our apps for free, we do see that the use of them is increasing. And who starts using an app will never want to be without it.”


Secure chat

Apart from telephony, Xelion also observes that ‘secure chat’ and text messaging is often used. Cohen: “But the use of our diary and our email still is limited. This is because Microsoft actually has a monopoly. Almost all enterprises use Outlook. It is almost frightening. This is not because it is the best emailer, but because Microsoft dominates the market. We hope customers will become open to trying another brand of emailer. Nobody drives the same car their entire life. Xelion offers a great alternative.”


Xelion believes that the mobile telephone is the future. “Mobile first”. Everyone has a smartphone. And it can perfectly be used both privately and for business. Desk telephones will slowly disappear from offices. Employees increasingly become more flexible. Being able to work at any time and in any location is a must, and the mobile telephone of course greatly supports this.



The most important function of Xelion is the ability to communicate from any device. Each employee has access to the entire address book, so nobody must go through the process of typing in numbers or entering a contact person multiple times. Apart from that, being able to see the presence of colleagues is very handy. This also clearly shows the trend of the mobile, the calling, putting somebody through, and looking back at communication is simple with the app. It is also very important to be able to route calls. If one employee does not pick up, the call must go to a colleague, and if that colleague does not pick up, all telephones of the support department must ring. In this way, you guarantee that a call is always answered.


Customers expect stability above all else

Xelion offers a complete platform for all forms of communication, in order to be able to supply the customer with Organised Communication. Test messaging is also part of these forms of communication. For calls and sms text messages setp and send within the Xelion application, the company connects to CM Telecom’s mobile platform. Calls are routed via CM’s SIP Trunking which uses high quality routes. For sms, Xelion relies on CM’s SMS Gateway.


Micha Cohen: “Xelion has been happily using the text messaging service for four years, and since last year has started using CM’s Sip Trunking. Especially for communication, a reliable service is very important. That is why we soon found CM. The cooperation proved very pleasant, and CM really understands technology. Since we made this choice, we have not regretted it even a single day. Specifically, our text messaging service became stable. And that is exactly what customers expect. Furthermore, the service can very quickly be set up for the customer.


The Xelion app uses CM’s SIP Trunking service to setup and route long-distance calls. For instance, if a Xelion user plans to cal a person in Brasil, the app redirects the call to CM’s SIP Trunk. “This is much and much cheaper than a normal phone call on a GSM would be”, MR. Cohen says. “The user won’t hear a difference if it comes to quality.”

Whole world to conquer

Xelion expects that in five year’s time, most users will be using the product via a smartphone app. “We also expect that we will be able to supply an increasing number of international customers. At this moment, the market is The Netherlands. In the meantime, we have entered the English and German markets, but there still is a whole world to conquer. And that is what we would love to do,” says the Director.