Meet our Partner Xelion @ MWC 2018


Communications is the lifeline of every company. In the rising world of cloud technology, Xelion is the leading solution that can bring all types of communications together in one simple platform. Employees can access Xelion from any device, anywhere and anytime.

With an extensive suite of features, Xelion includes all functionality out of the box. No bolt ons and no upgrade fees, everything is included for a simple monthly fee per user.

The unique Xelion mobile app allows complete seamless integration of fixed and mobile ensuring your successful mobile first strategy.

Xelion has elevated fixed-mobile integration to an art form with its unique mobile app. One number, separation of business and private use, a rich corporate address book on any mobile device and on any mobile network in the world! Take your Xelion number and the associated address book with you anytime and anywhere. Retain access to your company’s communications with access to your wallboards, call recordings and much more on the app. In short, the availability of the Xelion platform on the move will directly improve the quality of your communications by leaps and bounds!

This and much more makes Xelion an excellent choice that takes communication and customer contact to a new level.

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